Monday, January 5, 2009

A night of revelations... so far at least!

Two big things decided about tonight... one I sort of knew could happen, the other one way out from left field! I guess I will start with the one on the radar, so to speak.

Homeschooling... yup, it is now on the table, and we have one week to decide!!! We aren't really happy with the school locations for our neighborhood, a bit of a ride for Monkey to take everyday. We also know that when we eventually move onto the yacht, we would of course be homeschooling then. It does make sense to try it out now for kindergarten, and see if it will work for us. I am a little freaked out as the majority of the work, preperation, and research will fall to me. Guess I have some reading to do this week!

Rotary Flight School. For those not familiar with the term, it means helicopter flight lessons. I went to go and show hubby my new camera bag, and found him looking at helicopters for sale!!!??! There is a private ground school starting later this month out at the local airport, he would be able to start flight lessons shortly thereafter.

I am a little jealous of this last revelation, as 9 years ago I completed my Fixed Wing Private Pilot's License. I really miss flying, and would love to start again, but the time just hasn't been right.

I wonder what else will happen tonight????


  1. Wow sounds like some fun things in the horizon for your family. And tons of blogging potential! lol

  2. I'm in my fifth year of homeschooling my kids, we are through Centre For Learning in Okotoks and have always been pretty happy with them.

    I think it's Calgary you're in? There is a Calgary homeschool group on Yahoo Groups, I don't really participate in anything on there, but if you have any homeschooling questions it tends to be a good place to ask questions.

  3. Thanks Jolene! I was actually looking for your blog as I had remembered that you homeschooled in the area! I also know a number of ladies in Cochrane (we used to live there) that also homeschool, so I will be getting a hold of them soon enough.

    Emily, yes the blogging potential is a little staggering LOL.