Thursday, January 8, 2009

Well, my little bug is now 3 years old! It's amazing how quickly time has gone, and where we have ended up! With hubby away yesterday, we didn't really do very much. While Monkey was at school, we did attend the play place... which of course made Bug extremely happy. We then made some cupcakes in the afternoon, wonderful orange chocolate ones. Tonight Grandma & Grandpa will come by for a nice birthday dinner, as well as more cupcakes.

The party on Saturday is shaping up to be nice, I have 7 kids coming so far... not too many, but could still handle a few more. I will spend tomorrow getting all the things together for it, namely balloons, decorations (dinosaur related), cake baked, and cleaning the house. Saturday morning will be getting the house decorated, hopefully hubby will take the boys our in the morning so I can work uninterrupted.

I will post pictures from yesterday, and tonight when the kidlets are in bed.

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