Monday, July 12, 2010


“Never allow someone to be your priority, while allowing yourself to be their option”

This... this is what I need to always remember!  If the person I am making a priority in my life is not doing the same, I am short changing myself.  I am worth being someone's priority, and I should not settle for less.

As easy as this sounds, it's really not.  When you are testing the waters of relationships again, it can be very easy to fall for someone who either won't, or can't, put forth the same effort or commitment.  And of course once your heart is involved, whether or not that feeling is reciprocated, you can easily forget about the little things that bug you.

I think I am in that position right now, and it really sucks that I've let it happen.

Trying to find someone for myself, while still taking care of my 3 boys, is so much more work than I would like.  For my sake (and the boys), this side of my life needs to be kept somewhat separate.    Which just means another complication for my life, among the many I already have.  For my own sanity I should just really take a break from worrying or thinking about finding 'that one' for the rest of the summer, so many other things I should be concentrating on.  Again, not so easy to do.

Sigh, no one wants to be alone...


  1. I've heard people say before that it wasn't until they gave up looking and dealt with the fact that they might never have a partner again that they found someone. None of this stuff is easy, but a life worth living isn't.

  2. So true... It's just this in between time that is hard, learning to adjust to a life alone.