Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A slew of posts!

I am questioning my decision already!!!  This is not good... I need something to occupy my evenings, something to look forward to.  Housework just doesn't have the appeal, same with sewing or crafts... but something needs to happen to keep me from going crazy!

Exercise... I need to get back to nightly exercise!  I am heading out camping Wednesday with my boys, so it won't be an easy thing to work into my evenings... but when I'm back, I need to make it my priority.  I need to kick my body back into the shape it was last fall, and kick it up a notch from there!!  Nothing like endorphins to pull me out of these thoughts, this little low I am feeling.

Oh, I'm also thinking I should start setting aside some money for my next few tattoo's... that would certainly make me happy!

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