Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A strange, but good day.

The big thing for me today, was that Bug is finally putting some pressure on his foot again!!!! It is still swollen, and the bruising is a little more defined, but it is getting better. So, with this in mind, I met with a friend at the Zoo this morning. This allowed us to do something, but let Bug stay off his foot. Not sure what we will do tomorrow, but I'm sure something will come up.

Little Man's diaper rash is looking much, much better... I just wish I knew what exactly had caused it? I just have a very hard time believing that he is getting his 2 year molars already. Guess I will know in a week or so.

The strange thing for today.... Both Bug and Little Man fell asleep on the way home from the Zoo, completely expected. The unexpected was the Bug would not wake up!!! I finally went up at 5:30pm (he fell asleep at just after 1pm) to put him on the potty, and get him ready for bed. Well, he lost it, threw a completely crazy screaming, kicking fit!!! After giving up with the potty, I tried to get his diaper on... that was interesting. I finally gave up, and just left him screaming away in his room. Just after 6pm, I took Little Man upstairs to get ready for bed, and found Bug going potty... happy as could be!?!?!?

He said he was hungry, so I brought him down, and gave him some dinner. He really didn't eat much, but did drink all his milk. He is now back in bed (7:30pm), although I am pretty sure he is not asleep. I'm now a little concerned over how early he will be up tomorrow!!!

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  1. Love the unexpected. WE know we are in for it when B does that..