Saturday, February 21, 2009

I can't take much more...

I'm done.

There is just too much for me to handle easily right now. I have not had much sleep lately, due to many different things... Little Man coughing, insomnia, Bug continually waking up, missing hubby. The boys, mainly Bug and Monkey, have been driving me up the bloody wall! I talk nicely, they don't hear me. I talk more firmly, they don't hear me. I raise my voice a little bit, they don't hear me. I yell, and sometimes they hear me, sometimes they don't. And it's not like I am trying to get their attention from a long distance away... maybe 2-5 meters at the most!?!?! The fighting is getting to be a continuous sound, screaming, crying, growling (yes, my boys growl). Then there is the pushing, hitting, throwing.

To top all this off, it would appear that Hubby will NOT be coming home on Tuesday. A part of me knew it could happen, but I really, really didn't want to believe it was even possible. They are having some issues with the program they are installing, and it will make the most sense for Hubby to stay there where he is in the same country, and same time zone as his programmers. I just really need him home to help me stay sane.

I was thinking I could almost handle the extended trip, but now my throat is getting sore. I really cannot afford to be sick right now. I'm sure you can all imagine how well I will deal with my hooligans when not feeling well.

Okay... this whole week hasn't been bad, I have had some good laughs. One of the best was Monkey trying to bargain with me! We let him play some (that we approve) of the free games on HP, you can only play each game 3 times before you have to pay. I have only bought one game, and don't really have plans to buy anymore. I think this was Wednesday??? This is what Monkey said while looking at the games available. "Mama, if you buy me a game I won't scream anymore" LOL I was smart, and didn't laugh at him. I did say that I would not be buying him any games (we have this discussion at least 4 times a week), and that since he is almost 5, he shouldn't be screaming anymore as it is. He really didn't care for my answer, I got the look!

So, I am now going to have an orange, some vitamins, and read a little bit before trying to get some sleep. Let's just hope that I get enough rest to deal better tomorrow.

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  1. Hang in!!!!! I hope hubby is not gone to long!!!!!