Friday, February 27, 2009

I came close to losing it today... in some ways I did!

This has been a fairly hard week, the boys have been acting out, are up through out the night waking me up, so I admit I haven't always dealt with things as well as I could. Here are the highlights of this week, and yes, there are some good things.

  • Bug decided he did not want to wear diapers at night, and has stayed dry!
  • Little Man coughed so much last night at 3am, that he puked.
  • The two nights that Little Man slept through, Monkey and Bug both bothered me multiple times.
  • Monkey has not been listening, lying, talking back, and hurting Bug (biting, hitting). In general driving me up the wall.
  • Little Man has spent a good portion of his awake time screaming and crying.
  • Bug has been following Monkey's example of not listening.
  • Little Man said the word 'Sock' while I was putting them on his feet.
  • Found out that Hubby will be home Monday, BUT is heading to Ohio from Wednesday to Friday.
  • Found out today that Bug did fracture his foot, but the Clinic never contacted me for follow up till Wednesday???? I am furious!

This afternoon was the icing on the cake, so to say. I had an appointment for Little Man about his cough (which is just a cough, they just want me to keep an eye on it), by the time I got back to van I was in tears! Monkey was absolutely horrible! He embarrassed me with his behavior, I felt like a failure! Bug wasn't much better. So, I got them strapped into their car seats, and proceed to have a massive crying spell while sitting in the parking lot. For the first time that day (or all week for that matter), Monkey and Bug were quiet... I think they were scarred to see me losing it like that. I just couldn't stop myself, it probably lasted for a good 10 minutes.

Things are changing around here. There is to be NO TV for the next week, or computer time. At the first transgression (lying, talking back, not listening), they are to be sent to their room. If they don't get their boots on in the morning, we will not be going to school, and the offender will be sent to their room. I will NOT yell, this has gotten me nowhere. Instead of telling them multiple times to stop something, they will be sent to their room instead. I know this will take time, but it has to happen. I will not allow my children to rule us with their behavior. I do realize they aren't all that bad (I have seen so much worse), but it is not something I will tolerate.

In a week, I will revisit the TV and computer time... but it will be much more regulated than it is now. I just wish I had done this sooner... would have saved a little of my sanity.

So, wish me luck this week... and wish the boys luck too!!

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  1. Hang in there...I have been there..not three kids but two...but I still have my breakdowns. Good luck!!