Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First X-Ray today.

It finally happened... had to get x-rays for Bug's foot. We headed out for the playground this morning, I need to get the kids out of the house to burn some energy off. I'm not even sure what happened, as I was helping Little Man at the time. Somehow, Bug fell or jumped to the ground, and managed to hurt his right foot. Of course this also happened on a day that I didn't bring the second seat for the stroller!!! I somehow managed to get both Bug and Little Man into the stroller, and we headed off home.

We were home for at least a half hour before I could get Bug to finally calm down enough, and start talking. The inner step on his right foot was starting to swell at this point. I quickly made lunch, and started to make some phone calls. Shortly after 1, I packed the kids up, and headed out. I dropped Monkey, and Little Man at a friends house, and took Bug to the walk-in clinic. We were seen within 20 minutes, and then of course sent off for x-rays.

The worst part of the whole experience, was waiting to see the Dr AFTER the x-rays were done. We sat for over an hour, only to have him finally say that there was nothing broken. He could have easily just taken a quick look to see if we even needed to hang around. At least that is over. Bug still won't put any pressure on his foot, so I have been carrying him around everywhere... all 34lbs of him!!!

I am ready for my glass of Wine now!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Aww, have 2 glasses of wine!! I'm glad his foot isn't broken! Poor little guy!