Monday, February 16, 2009

My Poor Little Man

Little Man has started saying a new word... Ow! Which is fitting considering how sore, and red his poor little bum is! He started getting a diaper rash yesterday, and it has just been getting worse today. It would probably help if he didn't have a little runny poop every hour or so... it's hard to keep up when he does so many. I'm not quite sure why he is having this awful diaper rashes, and the red cheeks of the last few weeks. He has all of his eye teeth, and we are just waiting for his 2 year molars... of which it is WAY too early for!!!! I guess it's possible, but I would never have thought they would come now. Not sure I will get my finger in to check either, he thinks it's time to chomp my finger off if I put it in LOL.

Night 2 of hubby being away... it sucks!!!! I don't want to do anything, even though I know I have to clean up from dinner, or the morning will be a nightmare. Speaking of tomorrow, I should really come up with a plan of attack... but I just don't know what to do with the boys to keep them occupied. It's hard to do any crafts during the morning with Hadrian around trying to get into everything. During the afternoon, I feel bad for Paxton because it's his nap time... which means he wouldn't get to enjoy the craft. ARGH. I am sure though that I am not ready for Paxton to stop napping, he is way to on the go during the day to not have a nap... he would drive me completely insane if he didn't have a cool down period.

So, Hubby is pretty sure they will sell the company this year. There is one contract that they want to have before making the big push to sell. For his sake, I hope it does happen! He would most likely have a 1-2 year employment contract with the buyers, and then he can retire! Little Man would be around 3-4 years old, and traveling will be that much easier... no diapers, strollers, or naps to worry about. Not only that, but we can then be away from all this snow!!!!!!

I do realize that it may not happen this year, but hubby's partners are confident that it will ... and they have done this type of thing many times before. I understand they already have 2 companies (one in France, the other Switzerland) that are very interested, and one other (in France as well) that may or may not be interested. Of course I hope that we get as much return on our shares as possible, but no matter what it is we will be happy.

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