Monday, September 29, 2008

Why do these things happen....

So, things are going well, I've made it the gym a number of times... and then... it all comes to a screaching halt!!! While visiting Hubby's sister up North, I sprained my ankle rather badly! It sucks so much. It is hard to get the kids up and down the stairs, and just walking around is painful. Thankfully Hubby took Monkey to school this morning and then even took Bug to Gymaniacs to play, so it was just me and Little Man.

I suspect it will be a week before I am walking well again, not sure when I will get back to the gym. I was really enjoying my time there too, and was looking forward to start lifting weights soon. Guess it is all on hold till I can get around again.

We did have a nice visit with 2 of Hubby's sisters, although it is getting harder to do with the 3 kids. It's hard on them, and us to be driving 3-7 hours for a short visit, I suspect it won't be happening too often anymore.

I'm just thankful that Hubby is home right now to help me out with the kids... if I stand for more than about 10 minutes my foot starts to throb.

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