Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm not sure if this post will make any sense or not... I am having a hard time sorting out my thoughts these days. Even though the financial crises of the US has not happened here in Canada, does not mean that it won't and can't. It has me very concerned!!!! I'm not worried about paying the mortgage, but what is going to happen to the value of our house. We would already lose if we were to sell right now, and I worry about how much more we would lose next year... if things continue in the markets as they have been.

If we can sell without losing too much, I wonder if it's worth buying another property somewhere in Canada (with cash, no mortgage)... or if we should just jump ship and head somewhere that is not going to be as affected by the crises happening right now. It is something that is really weighing on my mind these days, and Hubby's as well.

As content as I have been to be closer to family and friends this past year, I also wish we had not come back?!?!?! I miss seeing new things, meeting new people, and experiencing a bit more of the world. The fact that we may be saddled with a house that we will lose money on just compounds my feelings of discontent.

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