Sunday, September 21, 2008

Early morning ramblings...

Lactose Intolerance Sucks!!!! It really, really does suck! It's only been a few weeks since figuring out what is wrong, and it is so hard. I'm amazed at how many products contain Dairy, I don't think I have ever read labels as much as I am now. Every meal is changing... instead of toast with egg, it's a rice cake with egg. No more yogurt and cereal either. No cheese and crackers. The list is endless!!! I just hope that I can get it controlled, and find better snack/meal alternatives. I also hope it helps with my weight loss journey, that would be the best benefit of all.

Hubby came home last night, the boys were all excited to see him. I loved the smile that Little Man gave Daddy, it was full of so much joy. It was nice to have someone to talk to last night as well. As much as I enjoy my quiet evenings alone, I do miss having someone to snuggle and talk with. He says he doesn't have to head out again until next week, hopefully he can spare some time to spend with us before he goes. A little help in the mornings getting ready for school would be a true blessing.

The installation service for our new Pastor is this afternoon. I am looking forward to attending, but am dreading having the boys in church. I wonder when I will be able to enjoy a service, and not have to spend my time keeping the boys in line.... I have a feeling it is a number of years away!

Well, it's time to get the laundry going, and consider getting dressed and ready for the day.

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