Saturday, September 20, 2008

And just where do they think they were going to go???

Mommy, can I have the key to the gate???? No honey, you cannot... why do you want it???

This was the conversation I had with my 4.5 year old this afternoon. Shortly after, I found his 2.5 year old brother on a chair in the kitchen taking my keys off the hook! They were of course quickly confiscated with a talk about taking Mommy's keys, but I would soon find out that I had the conversation with the wrong child! A very short time later I realized that all was too quiet as I tried to clean the kitchen up. A quick check around the house revealed no children, but a look in the yard gave me a surprise!

I found two little sneaky boys with the lock already off the side gate, using a key that Monkey had taken!!!! Argh!!!! Quickly make sure that the baby is safe, and run like hell to prevent my two crazy boys from escaping! I must admit that the looks on their faces when they saw me coming was priceless, although I don't think they were too impressed. I quickly locked the gate back up, and then turned to deal with my boys.

Truthfully I was a little too upset to deal with them at that point in time, so I sent them to their rooms while I had a chance to calm down and think. I could hear Monkey screaming for me to let him out the whole ten minutes that he was in there... he really does not like being sent to his room. LOL

So, I made dinner, went to retrieve them, had a chat, and then proceeded to have dinner. While eating up their P&J, I tell them that Daddy will most likely have something to say to them when he gets home... and my dear and lovely Monkey asked me to not tell him! Hahahaha! I quickly informed him that Mommy and Daddy don't have secrets and to not try that again.... poor little guy... learning so soon that we work as a team LOL.

Let's hope that tomorrow is a little more sane. Hubby is home, hopefully he doesn't have to leave again anytime soon... although I know better than to really get my hopes too high.

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  1. Oh, life must be very adventurous with those 3 boys--imagine when Hadrian starts walking! :)

    Thanks for sharing your blog on BBC!