Monday, September 22, 2008

Walking and cleaning.

So, the time has come where nothing will be safe in the house... Little Man took his first steps last night!!!!! Truthfully nothing has been safe since he started crawling and cruising, but it always feels like it gets worse after they walk LOL. Being that it was only the first steps, I at least have a little longer to enjoy before he is all out walking. It's at moments like this that I wish we had a smaller house, especially a bungalow!

On one of the boards that I frequent, there was a thread asking to see pics of houses that are bigger than 3000 sq ft. It really amazed me how many people have larger houses, and yes, I am one of them! I do like this house, but for the stage of life we are in right now... it is a bit big and has rooms that we really don't utilize very much. Hmm.... guess I should plan some dinner parties or something... actually get some good use of the dinning room LOL.

It is the most dreaded time of day around here..... CLEAN UP TIME!!! It drives me nuts that I have to become a dictator to the boys to actually get anything done. So, tonight things will be a little different... oh the poor unsuspecting children! I am taking the bins, once they are full of the toys, and they are being put into the sewing room (which is kept locked). They will then be allowed one bin at a time, and will not get something different until the first is picked up. This should put a stop to the hour long, soul destroying, heart wrenching, time of clean up!!! Or so I can dream LOL.

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