Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Slacking on my blogging lately!!!

I have been such a blog slacker lately! It just seems that life has kind of taken over, which in many ways is not a bad thing. The house is slowly getting organized, still lots going on though. Painting should be done in a few days, the doorway to Little Man's room is in, and I even have a door to my bedroom. There are still a number of updates that I would like to do, but they can wait a few weeks to a month. Right now I just want to fully settle in, and enjoy things for a while.

For myself, I am doing really, really well. I haven't felt this good about myself in more years than I can remember. Don't ask why I did this, but I tried my wedding dress on last week. Within just a few months of getting married 13 years ago, I started gaining the weight, which means I have not been able to put it on since that day. Well, it fits now, probably better than it did all those years ago. The only real sentiment I felt wearing that dress, was that my good friends mother made it. When the divorce is final, I will decide what to do with it... maybe a wedding dress burning bonfire???

I did get out for some fun this past weekend, how wonderful that was! I love my boys completely, but it is nice to feel like a women as well at times... an attractive, hot one at that ;). I'm sure you will all agree that having a man look at you in that certain way is one hell of a boost to the ego! And I got some major ego boosting this weekend. Now to just work more of that time in.

Soccer for the boys started last week, their first organized sporting event. I can't even explain just how excited they were. Bug took to soccer like a duck to water, that boy certainly loves to run! Corbin also had a blast, it will be good for him to participate in activities like this with his friends. It was also a nice chance for me to meet some of the Mom's & Dad's, which is hard at school pick-up and drop-offs. I will be seeing these people many, many times over the coming years, and would like a good relationship with them.

Speaking of house and soccer, I need to get some laundry going, and get ready for Bug's soccer practice!

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