Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Home!

I write this while sitting in my new house, the first night in my new house actually... it feels amazing! I got possession of the house last Wednesday, but spent the first 4 days cleaning and moving boxes. The furniture was moved in yesterday, which left me last night and today to get things ready to bring the boys over. They were so excited to get in here, didn't have too many issues this first night. Bug did say he wanted to sleep at Grandma's house, but I did convince him (wasn't that difficult) that he should stay here with me.

It feels so incredible to have all this space for myself and the boys, things were a little cramped at my parents house. The privacy is something I have been dreaming about for weeks, it's nice to have my own space to breath.

Things will be a bit crazy around here for the next week or so, I have someone coming to paint in the evenings, and of course the typical organizing and cleaning. Enough to keep me busy for a few weeks. One of the big items on my list is to get the garage sorted out so I can park the van in it. We had the first snow fall Saturday, and scraping snow and ice off my van is NOT my idea of fun. Let's just hope that the weather holds off for a little while, at least enough time to get the garage done.

I will start taking pictures of each room as it gets done, painting and organizing. I can't wait to see how it will all work out!

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