Friday, October 9, 2009

Almost forgot to introduce Catch

In my earlier musings, I forgot to introduce the newest member of our family. She was picked up from our local humane society, a suggestion that Monkey made (I am very proud of him for this choice) when I said we could get another cat. Catch is a 5 month old grey tabby. She is very active, purrs beautifully, and even chatters a bit. She is settling in well so far, of course Luna has been in hiding ever since. Luna is in her 13th year, so with the moving, and now new cat, she has a right to be a bit grumpy. I do hope they can be friends eventually though.

The boys are over the moon with Catch especially Little Man, he is constantly running around calling out Kitty! He is good with her for the most part, but does need to learn how to hold her a bit better. Thankfully Catch is very tolerant of Little Man's attention, which is why I wanted a cat under 6 months of age. As I sat with her last night, I did wonder if I got her for the boys, or myself? It felt good to have something so little and sweet to hold, something that loves unconditionally. It felt like she was bringing me a little bit of healing with her rumbling purr.

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  1. Enjoy the new addition.

    Love to you.