Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stressing out....

I am so starting to seriously stress out, I'd forgotten just how much I hate moving and cleaning! Add all the other stresses on top of this one, and let's just say it's not pretty. Must remember that it is only another few days, then I can take a breather for a month.... or as much of one as the boys will allow!

I just want into my new house desperately, I need to be there, I need to settle somewhere. Please let me get in early.


  1. Best wishes on your new home - what an adventure you have before you - the newness of it. I have been in the same house for 17 years - it's a great house but I would love to move.. just for a change of scenery.


  2. Just remember to breath. The move will be over soon.

    On a side note, I love your new avatar. Very pretty!

  3. Oh my friend, you have been through so much. Just think about how far you have come. I am so proud of you....


  4. Sorry about all the stress. Moving is evil! Good luck with all of it. It will be worth it when you are in your own home.

  5. Thank you everyone! It has been a crazy few weeks, but it is now over... YAH!!!