Sunday, August 9, 2009


I just finished reading an entry at my friend Lisa's Blog, Urbane Bliss. How true she writes. Why do we need this 'stuff' that fills our lives up, other than the necessities, do we really need it. For me, as I look around this massive house, that in the end did not see happiness, all I can see is stuff! I have whittled down, I have given away, but there is still so much. To live that simple life, how much more can I get rid of? What do I not want/need that could benefit someone else. I have already taken around 8 bags of clothes to the goodwill in Cochrane, where all proceeds go back to the community. I have taken household items in as well, now I guess it's time for some furniture.

During packing I have gone through the things that were accumulated during 13 years of marriage, one that is ending very unhappily. I remember the trips we took, the travels we had, the memories they invoke. At the time I was so very happy, I still refuse to believe he wasn't. I no longer want those memories, I no longer want to be reminded of what will never be again. The truly very hard thing for me, is that some of those memories also include my very wonderful children. Which means that some of those things will remain, as they need to have them to know that their parents were once extremely happy.

I am looking forward to my much smaller house, a much simpler life, and pray that it is a much happier one as well. There will be complications, and issues will arrive, but if we can have that simple life that Lisa talks about, those problems won't make a real dent in our lives.

We should all strive to live our lives simply, without worrying about what the next person has. We do not need new furniture (except for my new bed, I refuse to sleep on my marital bed after this week!!!), or new things. This has given me much food for thought!


  1. Aww, hon... I cannot imagine what it must feel like to have to srt through all those things...((HUG)).

    I hope you don't feel like I am being overly critical of people who "have". That totally wasn't the point of my post.

    I am so happy for people who have opportunities and choices... those are two "things" that DO contribute positively to people's lives.

    I wrote the post as a reminder to myself... sometimes I lose sight of what is important to me and why I make the choices I do.

    Don't second-guess the happiness you had in the past.

    YOU were happy. That is the truth. Nobody can take that from you.

    Looking forward to seeing your new place! You will have to have a housewarming so we can break it in...;)

  2. You did not make feel badly, just reminded me that all these things are not the sum of my life! I was happy in my marriage, but the things we accumulated can never bring that back, nor would I want them to.

    I am finding it freeing to get rid of the 'stuff', I never needed it. It's like the great big dining set he bought. I always felt it was too much, too overly done, not really needed. I prefer something much simpler, and now I can surround myself with things that are for me, no one else.

  3. Don't worry Lisa, there will be a house warming party!!! I am going to plan it so the boys will go spend the night at Grandma's house, so that I can continue to party on throughout the night, and not worry about getting up with kidlets in the morning ;)