Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Packing, packing & more packing!

We have had crappy weather the last few days, which goes along with the crappy job of packing up this house! I am luckily getting a lot of help from friends and family, but it is still a very large job. I should really be utilizing my evenings once the kids are in bed, but I am so busy during the day packing, dealing with them, getting errands done, and whatever else needs to be done... that I just don't want to spend every evening packing!!!! Although, the quicker I get this done, the quicker I can spend some good quality time with the boys!!!

The boys have just been crazy lately, mostly due to the lack of any real schedule going on right now. Having boxes piling up, Mama busy all the time, and so many changes happening, is not helping things at all right now. What's really not helping is how clingy they are to me these days, makes it hard for my friends to watch them while I try to get some packing done. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is only temporary, and I will have them back to a routine very soon.

Mornings have been improving the last few days. I am making sure I get up around 6am each day, so that I can be ready to help them out right away. We have actually been down to breakfast at a decent time the last few days, something that had been slipping for a few months now. I have never professed to be a morning person, but for them, I am going to have to be. Once school starts next month, we will have to be dressed and out the door by 8am each and every weekday. Right now I'm lucky if we are eating breakfast by 8am.

Another reason to be up earlier, is to avoid massive destruction to this house while I have my shower!!! The things that little man gets into when I leave the room for 5 minutes is impressive, just think of what happens when I am gone for 30 minutes. I came down the other morning to find my used tea bag opened and strewn about the counter, the banana's all had finger holes covering them, the chairs were strategically positioned around the kitchen to access any and all things that appeal to a 20 month old.... which is pretty much everything. It is just too nerve wracking to continue with that... so Mama now has to learn to be up super early each day to get herself ready before diving into the day.


  1. Gosh, packing with boys around. Hats off to you. I can just imagine what would happen around here. I would think a lot of unpacking.

    Good luck!

  2. Yes, packing with them around isn't all that fun LOL, that's why I have friends coming over to play with them!!! Let's just hope I get it all done soon so that I can relax for a bit!