Thursday, August 6, 2009

So very tired

I still have at least one week of packing to do, and I am already so very, very tired. I really wish the packing fairy would come here and just get it done for me. I'm thinking I may never move again to just avoid the stress of moving!!!!

To prove just how tired I am, here's what happened at bedtime tonight. The boys of course have been running a little wild this last week, being cooped up in the house most days due to the weather, has not helped the situation one bit. Then Uncle John came over tonight to install the new dishwasher, which I am forever grateful for! But, they of course wanted to help Uncle John, which as I'm sure you all know, isn't really helping. It was then I decided they needed to go to bed early tonight.

At 6:45pm, I had them upstairs getting ready. Shortly after 7pm, they were in their respective beds. I was in the chair in Little Man's room while he was in his bed, trust me, this is an improvement! The last month I have had to hold him so that he can fall asleep, not exactly the highlight of my evenings... although once in a while is nice, but my poor arms need a rest too. Well, next thing you know, I wake up to Little Man playing quietly on his bed, and some chattering coming from down the hallway??? I get up, and head down the hall to see what is going on.

I found Monkey & Bug in the formers room, with the three suitcases from my room, along with a now empty tube of toothpaste (all natural, thank God), and a large pile of toonies!!! How the heck did I miss hearing all that??? They would have had to go right past Little Man's room a few times to get all 3 suitcases out, and then the toonies as well. With three little boys in this house, I usually wake up to the slightest sound. When I was able to get back downstairs, the clock said it was 15 minutes after 8pm.

This all points to a very tired, and stressed out Mama. I can't wait to get this house packed up, and the things I don't want sold or removed for consignment. I just want this part of my life behind me, and move on to better things. I want to live again, not just deal with crap!

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