Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A semi lazy day.

The day hasn't been a total wash, just a little bit LOL. I did vacuum the lower level this morning, and this afternoon I took a bag full of toys, and 2 boxes of misc items down to a local charity shop. I still have more that I would like to take there, but it feels good to get some things out of the house. I also got my shopping done, sans kids... it's amazing how shopping can be relaxing without the kidlets trying to help LOL. Since then... well... not much else has been done LOL. I will get around to folding laundry while I watch my shows, and if that doesn't take long I will start to pack up my bells. I don't really want to pack my bells away, but I need to de-clutter the shelves in the living room... so packed up they shall be!

In some ways I feel like I am avoiding today, it makes it easier to forget that we will lose so much if we sell this house. A few short years ago, even the thought of losing this much money would have sent me into panic attacks... mind you a few short years ago, we were heavily in debt, and struggling to keep our heads above water. Now that we are stable, and only the mortgage for debt, it is slightly easier to swallow. That doesn't mean I have to like it though!

Tomorrow I will not be able to avoid, to many things to get organized before the weekend. Things to plan, things to order, things to organize. I can't wait until life slows down a little, so that I can enjoy it more.

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  1. that is awful that you will lose so much money if you sell. blah!!