Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Missing my camera...

I am truly missing my camera today... :( Our truly wonderful neighbor de-thatched our lawn with his new lawnmower attachment yesterday, which left us with a LOT of dead grass to rake up. This morning I did that, it equals about 2 large bags full for just the back yard. I remember how much fun I used to have with my friends jumping into piles of leaves in the fall, and figured a great big pile of grass was just as good! Bug had a blast playing in the grass, although he certainly didn't enjoy the bits of grass that he tried to make their way into his mouth LOL. Little Man was enjoying himself as well, doing his best to copy all that Bug did. Little Man even did his best to do a somersault into the pile like Bug did... it's a good thing it was a big pile, Bug would jump into his somersaults LOL. I got (I hope) some really great shots of the two of them playing in that pile.

I do have a camera still, but it is a 35mm Pentax, which means I won't have photos for a few days! Ugh, hopefully my Canon will be back within a few weeks, I am really missing it. I will pick up some more film tomorrow, just sucks that I have to go this route again.

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