Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Makes me a little sick....

Can I just say that the amount of money we will lose in selling this house is making me a little sick. We have now talked to 3 different real estate agents, and they are all saying this same thing... list the house for $65,000 less that what we paid for it!!!! Yes, we still have equity in the house, so at least we will still have something... but I HATE the idea that we will have lost this much.

I am still working on de-personalizing the house, as I think we will still sell. I just have to remember that the savings we will have in downsizing, still make more sense than keeping this place.


  1. Oh gosh... this economy has made so many things difficult. I hope that you can get more for it then the real estate agents think.

  2. Hubby is over in England right now, he will be talking with his partner to see if there is any movement on the sale of the company. If the company will sell soon, then we will hold off on selling the house... if not, we may just decide to take the hit.