Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ahh... Mother's Day.

Well, Mother's day has rolled around again. It was a nice day, but with Hubby gone, it's also not quite the same?!? I was out with some friends last night, so my Mom was here watching the boys. She brought some supplies with her, which I was not allowed to see. She and Monkey set up a little breakfast tray for me, with Fruit O's, Almond Milk, Fruit Cup, and strangely a Digestive Cookie! Monkey brought it to the table for me, he was being really very sweet.

The nicest thing was the cuddle time I had with Monkey, and Bug this morning. Monkey showed up in my room sometime very early (I'm thinking it was around 3am?) in the morning, wanting to come and snuggle for a bit. I don't mind having him snuggle with me, as he doesn't poke me as much as Bug does. Just after 6am, Bug showed up wanting to snuggle, so he cuddled up on my other side. The icing on this particular cake was Little Man sleeping until just after 7am! The last week he has been getting up between 5:15 and 5:30am!! Not exactly a good time for me.

The only really blip was late this morning. They were all playing in the yard, having a great time. That is until Bug found the water tap, and turned it on!!!! It is on the side of the house, where there is an incline, an area that the grass doesn't grow very well either. Now I'm not sure if any will grow at all, as it is a mini mudslide! Grrr.... I then got the joy of washing the mud and grass off their shoes. I was able to get them mostly dry in the dryer, so they should be ready to go for tomorrow. Considering that I have 3 boys, I'm amazed that this is the first time I have had to deal with them that dirty!!!!

Now it's time for me to sit back and relax... not going to be much time for that this next week.

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  1. Ahhh, extra sleep is all I really wish for on Mother's Day too! I was lucky to get 12 hours on Sunday - bliss.