Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun times ahead!

Going to be quite the packed weekend!  New hair style tomorrow, a good 5-6 inches being taken off!  Then of course drinking and dancing to show off my new sassy hair, really looking forward to the dancing, it's been way too long!  Saturday will see me stretching and twisting into some Yoga poses.  I recently started Hot Yoga, and this saturday is a boot camp.  This will give me some one on one time to really get into the poses properly.  Going to be a fairly intense 3 hours though!

Sunday will be another tattoo for me!  Tiki Town is doing a fundraiser for the Ride to Cure Cancer, and it really doesn't take much to convince me to get more lol.  I am planning on a lotus flower on my right inner forearm, a few inches below 'Embrace Love' that I got a few months ago.  Although I am somewhat tempted to get it on my neck, but not sure I'm ready for any there right now.

This past week has had many ups and downs for me, been a bit of a bumpy ride.  The yoga classes and my running are good for me as always, but for a short time after I find I'm a little short tempered.  The only reason I can think of is that I am feeling so good, so refreshed after my workout, that the kids demands/fighting just brings me down to fast and too hard.  I love how I feel after I work out, relaxed, calm and so much more comfortable in my skin.  I love my boys more than I could ever verbalize, but they know how to push my buttons... too well.  Hopefully in the coming weeks and months I can learn to keep that calm after my workouts longer... have it last further than the initial after glow.

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