Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wonderful start to June.

I always forget just how much I love dancing, until I get out and actually dance!  Friday night was a blast!  Danced like a crazy lady, got all hot and sweaty, closed the bar down.  It has been years since I last danced that hard, I suspect the last time I danced that hard was before I got married... holy crap!  I went out with the intention of not getting picked up, which wasn't easy... there was a number of guy's trying very, very hard... but all I really wanted to do was enjoy myself and dance!

I had my hair chopped off that afternoon, and am so happy that I did!  I'm thinking I will go a bit shorter next time, but overall I'm extremely happy with it.  I've never had quite this much fun with my hair, or tried something so different... it was time to change it up, my hair style (which I did love) just wasn't keeping up with who I am becoming these days.

And here it is...

Today I added to my collection of tattoo's.  It was a great deal at Tiki Town.  Donate a minimum of $50 to cure cancer, and get a 30 minute tattoo!  There was no way I could say no to this, such a wonderful cause!  A number of the artists working today are also going to be doing the Ride to Conquer Cancer.  I ended up getting Mitch, who is the artist who did my Pheonix and my wrists.  I was joined by two friends, who also got something added to their collection.  I had this lotus flower placed on my right inside forearm, and am really happy with how it turned out.

There is only one slight drawback to my wonderful weekend, I need to replace my DVD player.  It would appear the kids have played with it too much, and it no longer wants to work properly.  My guess is that Little Man did something, he is my destructive child after all.  Not sure quite why my boys think I'm made of money, but they are certainly causing me much grief these days!

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