Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thinking of summer.

First thing tomorrow morning, I am packing the boys up, driving into the city, and praying that I come home with all 3!

I am only sort of joking!  I am taking the boys to the RV show in the city, which is a pretty big thing for them.  They really enjoyed our camping trip last summer, and always ask when we will go camping again. As an extra special treat, I am going to use the C-Train to get to the show!!!  I'm not sure which aspect of the trip I fear the most.  Three boys on a train going through the city, or 3 boys running wild at a show with multiple places to hide (the trailers)?!  I am lucky that I will have some help there, friends with their two boys will be joining me for the craziness.

I am going to be looking at tent trailers, not with the intention to buy new, but to get more of an idea of what will work for me and the boys.  The one we rented this summer was adequate, but I would like to see if there are other features that would work better for us.  I do know that I want to have an 'add a room' on the side, just a little extra space for us when the weather is poor or the bugs especially hungry!  I also want to look at the battery options for running the furnace and fridge in the trailer, as well as solar chargers for them.

The boys are pretty stoked about this adventure, and I am too.  I would really like to spend as much of the summer months outdoors with them, away from the towns and cities.  The trailer could also be nice for me to enjoy when they are with their father.  I could pack up, and head out for my own little vacations.  Now to just make sure we survive the show!

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