Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What shall I say??

Nothing too crazy is going on these days, just moving along as life usually does.  Slowly getting closer to getting the divorce finalized, which will be a wonderful day for me.  I've started the process of switching back to my maiden name, just going to take time to have all my ID and bills changed.

The closer that I get to having the divorced finalized, the more I think about my future.  I have over 4 years before all 3 boys will be in school full time, but I'm now wondering if I should still be just a stay at home Mom all that time?  I wonder just what options I do have, what options I should consider.  The thought though, of not being home with my boys, really does scare me.  I have spent the last 5.75 years home with my children... it's a truly scary proposition to think about working again.

The problem with finding a job right now, is how will I ever afford child care?  Not only that, but the available jobs here right now aren't exactly stellar.  Then again, what job would I be able to get being out of the workforce for so long.  The more I look at this problem, the more I feel I need to do some serious upgrading.  Which of course leads to the next question, what kind of upgrading???


  1. You crack me up...your mind is always working "overtime". Why not give yourself a break and just take it day by day for the mean time. You have had to be the "Thinker" and "planner" for so long...give your mind a rest...then when it comes time for the boys to all be in school thats when you plan to take over the world!!! hehe.

    Always TJ

  2. Fine, laugh at the crazy lady!!!
    ;) Just Kidding
    I just need to make my mind up, then I can get to it... it's making it up that is so flipping hard!!!

  3. I think you answered your own question! Having 3 boys, 2 not in school yet, IS a full-time job! You don't NEED to do anything!
    That said, you do have the time off when they are at their dad's that you could make use of. Take a correspondance course in something that interests you - that's how to decide what to upgrade on! Of course, I would be remiss to not remind you of the etsy store idea... I almost envy you having time "off" when you could do whatever you chose. Almost.

  4. I am still thinking of the Etsy store all the time, what I could do myself, and what we could collaborate on... now to just get us together to discuss it lol.