Monday, February 22, 2010


Last night I heard those wonderful little words that every Mom waits to hear, from the Little Man... I wuv you Mama!!!  Oh, how my heart just melted.  After a weekend with them away, it was the perfect thing to help soothe my nerves.  Was even better to hear him repeat those same words throughout the day.

It was a big change this morning getting the kids up and ready for school.  With the last week off, and their weekend with their father, it was a struggle to get them out the door!  The fact that I had very little sleep, due to Little Man waking repeatadly, it has not been the best start to the week.

Even with the lack of sleep, I was able to get a run in at the track this morning, which I am paying for now!   Bug has soccer tomorrow morning, as well as speech, but as long as we all get some decent sleep tonight it should be fine.

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