Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Change Tomorrow!

I have finally made a decision to sever my identity from my ex.  The divorce papers are not signed yet, but in my heart it is more than over.  So, I will be reverting to my maiden name tomorrow.  I will start with getting my drivers license changed, and once it is in hand, then I will get everything else changed over.  Just today I started to use my maiden name, and it feels good, it feels right.  In some ways it might make things difficult, but only in regards to the boys.  I suspect from time to time that I will have explain that 'Yes' I am their mother, but that is not a major problem... just comes with the territory of being a single Mom.

Other than that, life is still going forward.  Bug celebrated his 4th Birthday last week, he is growing so fast.  Little Man has had that wonderful word explosion that usually comes shortly after turning 2.  Monkey seems to be finally settling into school nicely as well.  The house is also looking good, not done, but much better!

Now to just get this divorce over and done with!!!

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  1. Way to go Angela! Your strength and determination to move ahead with your life in such a positive way is really admirable!

    I just wanted to say that even though I'm married, I kept my maiden name (the default in the Quebec law) and I'm used to not having the same name as my husband and kids. It's the standard here, and it's really just a question of getting used to it. You'll still get called by your former name when the boys' school calls and stuff like that, but it'll be no biggie :-)