Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I was think about this while having my cup of tea this morning... One thing to look forward to this coming Winter is that with the cold weather I drink more tea! LOL I have so much loose leaf tea, that it would take me a year or so to finish is all! Maybe I should have a tea party?!?!? LOL I have a few Christmas blends that I should probably get out soon, and then of course there are the daily ones. Let's see how many.....
  1. Red Rose (Orange Pekoe)
  2. Earl Grey (Loose and bagged)
  3. Rooibos
  4. Raspberry Rooibos
  5. Chai Rooibos
  6. Green
  7. Mint
  8. Chamomile (bagged)
  9. Evening Delight (bagged)
  10. Orange Spice Tea (bagged)
  11. English Breakfast (bagged)
  12. Mulled Spice Christmas
  13. Christmas Winterside
  14. Gingerbread Orange Rooibos

WOW, didn't think I had 14 different types of tea!!!! Now I just need an occasion to use them for!!!! Most of my family members are not that into tea, so it's usually just me and hubby drinking it. We usually go through about 10 bags of Red Rose in day, and I usually have either a Chai or Mint in the evening.

Hmmm... wonder what I could set up for a party that would require drinking tea....

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