Monday, October 6, 2008


Hubby left this morning, I hate it when he leaves on business trips!!!! These last few months he has done a fair bit of traveling, I really hope it settles down soon. He also has 23 or so days of holiday left to use before the end of the year.... maybe he should just take the month of December off! LOL Yah, don't think that will happen, but I hope they don't get wasted. Next year I plan to really push him to use up all 30 days.

Monkey and Bug were really doing thier best to get in trouble! I think it was around 15 time outs this afternoon... Little Man isn't helping by throwing a fit anytime he doesn't get his way. So, needless to say, there was a lot of screaming going on in this house today.

Well, I can't seem to get my thoughts out tonight... just not my night for writing I guess! Here's some pics of the days happenings.

Monkey showing me the leaves he found in the yard.

Little Man mad at me for closing the bathroom door LOL.

Little Man trying to help me on the computer.

Little Man checking out his socks.

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