Thursday, October 2, 2008

Evening Ramblings

Well, the time has come.... everything is now an Uh-Oh!!! Little Man has been able to say this for a few weeks, but he now is using it in context. This morning he dropped his soother while we were driving, for the next 7 minutes all I heard from him was Uh-Oh. Shortly after putting him to bed tonight, I hear numerous Uh-Oh's. I finally decide to see what has happened, only to find all three of his soothers on the floor, and stinky diaper to boot! LOL

I made it to the Doctor yesterday, and got some X-ray's taken of my ankle. It isn't broken (didn't even know you could walk around with a broken foot, but I now understand it's possible), but I do have a sliver of bone that has come off!!! Thankfully she said that I don't really need a cast, but will have a slightly longer healing time. So, guess I will be keeping up with the Advil and Tylenol for a bit longer.... because it still really hurts.

The weather here this week has been just strange! It has been sitting around 24°C (75°F), not exactly what is normal for this time of year. And of course I can't fully enjoy it with my ankle the way it is. Hopefully it will be well enough to get out a bit this weekend.

These pics were just too cute to not share!!! You can tell that Little Man was thoroughly enjoying those beans and cranberries!

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  1. Angela - surprise! I think he looks like you in the third picture.