Monday, August 22, 2011

Making my way

It's been some time since I've posted, so much going on, and out of the habit of blogging doesn't help.  This summer has been very busy with the boys, just a bit over 4 weeks of camping has been completed, with another 5 days to go!  We've managed to put over 8000 kms on the Beast (2011 Toyota Sequoia) that I got in late June, it's been all the way from Vancouver Island to Winnipeg Manitoba!  The boys have had a blast chasing crabs, fish and frogs, as well as a varied list of insects lol.  It's been extremely hectic, but also so very rewarding.

Life is moving along, I'm making my way back to my balance.  School will start up in September for the boys, and I will then have every morning free!  Not quite sure what I will do with all this time, but I'm sure I'll find a way to fill it up lol.

I'm almost divorced too!  Can hardly wait :D  Should all be done before the end of the year.  The ex and I are fairly decent terms, been getting along for the most part, it's helped that he's stopped treating me like a second class citizen.  Part of me is still waiting for him to start acting like a jerk again, but I'm hopeful we can keep things civil from now on.  Still don't see is thing around at all, think I've seen her a total of a dozen times in almost 2 years... which rather surprises me, our town only has 13000 in it, you'd think we'd run into each other once in a while.  She must go out of her way to avoid me... guess she's afraid of the big bad ex-wife LMAO.

I'm getting ready for a new tattoo, just waiting for the design to be done.  So excited to get more ink done, been craving it for some time.  Also want another piercing, just need to find some kid free time to sneak that in.

Things with P, are well, going?!?  He's still 3 hours away, and I'm not sure if I see that changing... I really want it to change, and I think he does too, but he's either to scared to take this next step, or just taking his damn sweet time!  I'm going to start pushing him a bit harder, I don't want to spend my life waiting around. Life is too short to not take chances on love!r

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