Monday, August 22, 2011

It always happens lol

So, did I not just write that I very rarely see the ex's thing while out and about in town?!?  Should have kept my mouth shut lol.  I managed to sneak off to Safeway while the boys visited with my Mom, needed to get some groceries for our last camping trip tomorrow.

There I was, perfectly relaxed (I LOVE shopping with no kids lol) scanning my purchases in the self-checkout, when I caught a look of the person behind me at the next station... HER!!!  What gets me is the look she gave me, I'm not responsible for any 'problems' that she may have in this town.  I have been a part of this town for over 25 years, and if asked what happened to my marriage I tell the truth!  Maybe I'm abnormal, but I don't think there is any reason to cover up what he did, it's not that me that was unfaithful, not me who destroyed a family.  Guess she doesn't like that my (and his) friends 'know' what happened, she certainly didn't have to move to the small town that I'm in lol.

Ok, so yes I told the gal working the self check out who she was lol, but she's seen me in there shopping every week for years and years, with and without the kids!  She was also there the day in November 2009 that the ex cornered me in the store and threatened to never see his children or pay for them if I didn't let his thing spend time with the boys.  He also tried to refuse to give Little Man back to me, wouldn't hand him over even though he wanted me.  I totally broke down that day, I couldn't believe that he would put her feelings above the well being of his own children.  The lady working today was the one who called my Mom to come and get me that awful day.

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