Friday, April 9, 2010

Things 2...

Well, it has been an extremely busy week off of school!  I feel like I've really had little time to just enjoy things... except for Monday.  On that day I took the boys, along with my Mom, up to Banff for some walking around, as well as a chance to use the hot springs.  Which I won't be able to use for a few weeks because of my Tattoo.  The boys had a blast in the water, really need to make more time to go swimming with them once my tattoo is healed.  Monkey is getting very, very brave in the water.  It is such a nice change considering how scared he used to be, although it has it's draw backs as well.  I have to be extra vigilant keeping an eye on him.

My tattoo is healing, but is still very tender.  Putting a shirt on is uncomfortable, and sleeping isn't much better right now.  Another few days though and it should be much better.  Going to see about getting another session of lasering for my back next week, really want to get that finished off.  I don't want to get another tattoo until my back is done.  I will also need to chat with some artists about designing my next two as well.

I have a busy weekend off planned right now.  I'm heading out with a friend tonight for some drinking (not too much) and some dancing.  I will then be working for my Mom at her store Saturday, it's been many (at least 5) years since I have worked for her.  It will be interesting to see how that goes.  It's actually been that long since I last worked a job of any kind!  Scary!!!  I am then going on a date Saturday night, another scary thought!  I've been on a number since October, but it's still something that makes me nervous.  The joys of being single again!

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