Monday, October 29, 2012

Step One

These last few months have been hard, emotionally draining.  What balancing I was able to do is gone, my days are spent just making it through.  I need to get things out, need to express how I'm feeling, and I need support in getting things back on track.

Small steps for now, baby ones.

I'll be back with them tomorrow... this was step one.

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  1. Hey Ange, You can always rant at me! I know we only met face to face once, but I'm here if you need me.

    I've been going throuogh some of the same issues as you with the kids. My eldest was diagnosed ADD and started medication about a year ago, and while it improved things with her, there were still problems beween me and her.

    I got diagnosed ADD myself a few months ago and have been taking the medication too, and I agree with you about the sudden 'room' in your head to keep thoughts. Things improved but still needed a little something. I started Prozac a week ago to help with my PMT and realised that maybe that is something I need all month rather than just a couple weeks at a time. The ADD meds helped me organise myself better and the prozac stops me stressing about the stuff I don't get done.

    Anytime, here, Facebook, email, feel free to rant xx