Friday, September 23, 2011

Change is never ending

So, more changes on the horizon for me, mostly good thankfully.

It's been a rough start to the school year, things haven't exactly gone according to plan!  Just a mere week into things, and I go and hurt my right foot.  I'm now stuck in an air boot until the my tendons and muscles sort themselves back out.  Which means no running, no walking Onyx (poor guy), very little house cleaning... and in general just makes doing anything annoying!

I've got many projects lined up for this winter, but hopefully not too many that I get overwhelmed.  I will be sewing again, something I have missed, maybe even try to make a few bucks from it.  I will be taking some accounting courses, as it now looks like that is where things are headed.  I have a few basic bookkeeping jobs lined up already, but want to brush up on things, and finally finish my Accounting Certificate.  I've got two years before Little Man is in school full time, if I use this time wisely, I'll be more than ready to join the workforce again.

Of course, the one big thing I had wanted to be doing already, was running!  I'm not sure at this point when I will be able to hit the track again, which is not helping my mood.  I really should at least get some weight and core work done until my foot heals... guess that can be my goal for this next week!

New things...

Got my labret piercing finally :)  It's off on the right side of my face, totally love it.

Getting a new tattoo Sunday.  I've been itching for this one since July, pretty excited to see how it turns out.  I'll of course post pics when it's done :)

I'm looking forward to moving my life forward, not letting things pass me by.  I spent so many years watching others live their lives, it's so much more fun living my own!

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