Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Germs have attacked!

The boys have done the unthinkable...

They let germs invade our house!!!

Of course they didn't get sick, just me... sigh.

The start of school is always an interesting time, questions abound, frustrated mothers pull their hair out.  My question was, just when would the first cold hit?

October 6th was the unlucky day.  Woke up with no voice, which is a special torture for a Mom that must wake 3 boys up for school... 3 boys that would rather keep sleeping... 3 boys that try to hide under blankets... 3 boys that must be told to eat breakfast... 3 boys that must be sent off to school on time!  Yes, that torture was especially special.

7 days later and I am finally on the mend, voice still rough, but at least energy has finally returned.

With that energy, a new mindset is found.

I am tired of being fat, tired of an aching body, tired of being tired.  So what is a gal to do in this situation?  MOVE!!!

I used my elliptical for 29 gruelling minutes... a wee bit pathetic considering 3 years ago I could run 7 km.  But I need to start somewhere!

I want to RUN.  I miss RUNNING.  I miss the feeling of JOY when I push my body a bit further every day.  Every step cleansing my thoughts.

So here I am, putting it out to the universe...


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