Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank You

Today is the day we celebrate all that we are thankful for, remembering and cherishing.

My list is pretty simple, but of course unique to who I am.

I am Thankful for my wonderful and incredible boys.  I have the privilege of watching them grow and learn each and every day.  I cherish the innocence they see the world with, and the love they show.

I am Thankful to have been given this new chance at life.  Just a few years ago, I knew I was in a rut, but had no idea how to get myself out of it.  I never realized that the rut was my marriage, and that shedding it would wake me up to a world of possibilities.  I am doing what I can to not take this life for granted, and to find as much joy in it as I can.

I am Thankful for a handful of wonderful, awesome friends.  Without their love and support, and a lot of listening and understand, I would not be where I am today.  They helped keep me sane when my world was falling down around me, they helped me remember that my boys were what mattered... I could get through anything with them surrounding me.

I am Thankful for Love.  I have fallen in love again, unbidden and so surprising.  I really did not expect to be here at this point in my journey, but I am.  He has shown me more compassion, caring and need than I had seen in more years than I care to think about.  He has helped to awaken the person I was starting to become when I met my ex, the person I repressed for all those years.  He, I think, has enjoyed watching me grow as much as I have relished each and every step.

I am Thankful to whatever God/Deity is out there watching over us.  I have spent most of my life questioning my spiritual path, and am finally realizing that I don't need to fight anymore.  I do believe there is a God, but I don't believe he is the God found in the Bible.  I'm not sure I can fully explain what I believe, I think that will be a post for another night.

I wish everyone out there could find their way through whatever sorrows they have, to see what a treasure our lives really are.  We all have the potential to be happy.

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